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The Lighthouse of Houston provides a picturesque location for photography enthusiasts in Houston, Texas. This nonprofit organization is housed in a renovated historic facility with sprawling grounds and breathtaking views of the city skyline. The beautiful architecture of the main building, with its towering windows and elegant balconies, provides the perfect backdrop for portrait photography. In addition, the surrounding lush greenery and scenic gardens make for stunning natural beauty shots. Whether you are a professional photographer or an amateur looking for a unique location, The Lighthouse of Houston is a must-visit spot for anyone who loves to capture the world through their lens.

What to Photograph

One of the most fascinating aspects of The Lighthouse of Houston is the various textures and architectural elements available for photography. The main building features intricate stone work, grand staircases, and elegant iron balconies that give off a classic, timeless feel. This combination of traditional architecture and natural beauty creates a unique and charming location for any type of photoshoot. For those interested in capturing stunning views of the city skyline, the rooftop observation deck is a must-visit spot. The panoramic views of Houston are absolutely breathtaking and offer the perfect backdrop for those looking to take beautiful landscape photographs. Additionally, the lush gardens that surround the property provide ample opportunities for macro photography, with a variety of flora and fauna to capture in detail. Overall, The Lighthouse of Houston is a must-visit destination for photographers of all skill levels, offering endless possibilities for creative and unique shots.


The Lighthouse of Houston has a rich history dating back to the early 1900s. Originally built as the Bayou Bend Lighthouse, it was created to guide ships and barges through the Houston Ship Channel. In the 1960s, the lighthouse became obsolete due to technological advances, and it was later repurposed as a youth recreation center. In 1997, The Lighthouse of Houston was founded as a nonprofit organization and moved into the current location, which was renovated to include a main building and a rooftop observation deck that offers stunning views of the city skyline. Today, The Lighthouse of Houston continues its mission of providing services to at-risk youth and families, while also serving as a beautiful and unique location for photographers in the Houston area.

For those interested in capturing the perfect shot at The Lighthouse of Houston, there are some interesting tips and secrets to keep in mind. For starters, the rooftop observation deck is only accessible via a narrow staircase, so it's important to plan ahead and pack light when making the climb. In addition, the gardens and surrounding grounds are often used for wedding and event photography, so it's always best to check the schedule before heading out for a photoshoot. Another secret to keep in mind is the fact that The Lighthouse of Houston offers unique behind-the-scenes tours that allow visitors to explore areas of the facility that are not typically open to the public. These tours offer a one-of-a-kind opportunity to capture some truly special shots, so be sure to inquire about them when planning your visit. Whether you're a professional photographer or simply enjoy taking pictures for fun, The Lighthouse of Houston has something to offer to photographers of all levels and interests.

Nearby Festivals and Events

  • The Bayou City Music Series, September: A free concert series featuring various musical acts and local food vendors, held at locations around Houston, including the Lighthouse of Houston.
  • Houston Oktoberfest, October: A celebration of German beer, food, and culture, with live music, games, and crafts, held at Lincoln Drive Park near the Lighthouse of Houston.
  • Houston Lights, December: A holiday lights cruise along the Buffalo Bayou, featuring festive light displays and stunning views of the Houston skyline from the water.
  • Houston Auto Show, January: One of the largest auto shows in the country, featuring the latest models from top manufacturers, held at the NRG Center near the Lighthouse of Houston.
  • Houston Art Fair, April: An international art fair featuring a variety of contemporary and modern art, held at the Silver Street Studios, just a few miles from the Lighthouse of Houston.

These annual events and festivals offer great opportunities for photographers to capture unique and exciting moments in Houston. Be sure to check out the schedules and plan accordingly when visiting the Lighthouse of Houston.


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    (16.0 mi / 26 mins)

    (713) 527-9561


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