Rienzi, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

Converted 1950s mansion is now an art gallery featuring 17th- to 19th-century antiques & home decor.

Location Description

Rienzi, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston is a prime location for photography enthusiasts. Located on Kirby Drive in Houston, Texas, this historic museum features a collection of European decorative arts and paintings from the 18th and 19th centuries, set in a beautiful and serene garden landscape. The picturesque surroundings and curated exhibitions make Rienzi an ideal setting for capturing stunning photos, whether you're an amateur or a professional photographer. With every visit, you'll find unique and captivating perspectives that will inspire you to explore the world of photography even further.

What to Photograph

If you're an avid photography enthusiast, then Rienzi Museum of Fine Arts, Houston is the right place to visit. The stunning garden landscape surrounding the museum offers visitors plenty of opportunities to capture breathtaking photos of the flora, fauna, and architecture. You can snap photos of the stunning fountains, intricate sculptures, and captivating architecture, which serves as a perfect subject for black and white or sepia themes. The Rienzi museum also features several sculptures and statues scattered throughout the grounds, providing a dramatic contrast against the lush greenery. Additionally, the museum hosts several exhibitions featuring works from renowned artists, offering visitors exciting opportunities to capture stunning images. Overall, at Rienzi, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, photographers can unleash their creativity and capture stunning, unique images like no other.


Rienzi, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, was once a historic home built in 1952 for philanthropists Carroll Sterling Masterson and Harris Masterson III. The couple named their new home Rienzi after the Italian city where they spent their honeymoon. The home was considered one of the finest examples of European decorative arts in the United States. It was gifted to the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, in 1991 and was officially opened to the public as a museum in 1999. Today, Rienzi houses a significant art collection from the 18th and 19th centuries, including paintings, furniture, ceramics, and porcelain. Its rich history and impressive collection make Rienzi a must-visit destination for photographers and art enthusiasts alike.

One of the fascinating secrets of Rienzi, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, is that the Mastersons played an active role in the home's design, choosing every aspect of its interior, along with the antique furnishings. The couple's love for art and architecture is evident in the home's Italian-inspired design, featuring an elegant facade with classical columns and a charming garden-style courtyard. Another interesting fact is that Rienzi has a unique initiative called the Rienzi Photography Series. This program provides photographers with exclusive access to the museum's interiors, gardens, and collections to capture stunning images. From historic homes to European decorative arts, Rienzi, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, offers photographers a wealth of opportunities to capture breathtaking photos.

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