About HoustonPhotowalks

You’ve arrived at one of the coolest photography experiences available in Houston.

Who we are

HoustonPhotowalks members are friendly people from every walk of life and every profession. We have one main thing in common, an interest in practicing and learning more about photography. There are no specific gear requirements, as long as you have a device that records light, you are welcome to join! We have members with high-end equipment and folks who practice making art with their cell phones. We don’t judge.

At least once a month, we drum up some crazy idea for a place to photograph and practice our photo techniques. We’re a fun bunch, no pressure, no stress. Come ready to learn and share what you know among other photographers.

Before (or sometimes after) each photowalk, we have a meal together to rub elbows with fellow creatives, meet new people and pick up new hints, tips, and ideas.

This group is perfect for new camera owners, novice hobby photographers, and old dogs that have been shooting photos for a long time.

What is a photowalk?

A photowalk is a great way to interact with other fellow photographers from compeltely different walks of life, but with similar interests. Wiki says it great:

“Photowalking is a communal activity of camera enthusiasts who gather in a group to walk around with a camera for the main purpose of taking pictures of things that interests each photographer. Although the term implies the single activity of taking pictures while walking, the more modern use of the term specifically relates to a communal activity of camera enthusiasts.” – Wikipedia

Getting Involved

Most of our event management is handled through meetup.com, feel free to join our free meetup group.

Looking for something interesting to do this weekend? Have a photowalk idea? Or maybe just want to chat with fellow Houston photographers? Feel free to join us on Facebook to follow along.

HoustonPhotowalk’s Goals

We built our culture around 3 main principles. These principles guide our way, help us decide what events we want to participate in, and how we treat each other as members. We call these principles, or goals, “The Reasons We Walk”.

  1. Fun and Safe (we want you to have a great time, and not die).
  2. Honor the amateur photography clubs that came before us. Their enthusiastic interest in photography paved the way for the technology evolution that allows us to capture light today.
  3. Education, of ourselves, each other and the community. We learn our best techniques from each other, and we teach the community that photographers aren’t jerks, criminals or terrorists.

Who’s in charge?

Click here to see the current HoustonPhotowalks.com leadership team.

About HoustonPhotowalks

We are a friendly group of camera enthusiasts!  Our events include Photowalks, classes, and trips.  Anyone with a camera is welcome, no specific gear requirements.


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Upcoming Events

Jun 2024
21 June 2024

Dinner before Fireworks Photowalk

Come join us for a bite to eat prior to preparing to photograph the fireworks. We will meet at Mario's Pizza & Pasta, 2100 E NASA Pkwy #100, Seabrook, TX […]

21 June 2024

Photowalk: Fireworks

Let's practice some fireworks photography! Kemah Boardwalk has a fireworks display every Friday night at 9 pm, during June and July. I have permission for us to be at a […]

22 June 2024

Class: Camera Flash Basics

Beat the heat! Come join us for breakfast at the air conditioned Bluestone Lane in The Heights, and learn the basics of using a flash with your camera. This class […]

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