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Some of our favorite event ideas have come from members like you!  You can share your event ideas with this form.  Unfortunately, due to the availability of organizers, scheduling issues, the venue preferring to not have photographers, etc., not every event suggestion can be made into a Photowalk.  Also, we may ask the person suggesting the photowalk to be the photowalk leader.  There are just a few other things to keep in mind:

  • The location must allow photography
  • We usually avoid large festivals or public gatherings
  • The location must have enough photographic interest
  • Most events are within 2 hours drive of downtown Houston.

Is this a large public event?

Please note, it's hard to keep up with the group at large public events, such as festivals or parties. We will look over your suggestion, but it may not be selected for an event.

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About HoustonPhotowalks

We are a friendly group of camera enthusiasts!  Our events include Photowalks, classes, and trips.  Anyone with a camera is welcome, no specific gear requirements.



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