Landmark’s River Oaks Theatre

Movie theater screening new releases as well as independent, foreign & avant-garde flicks.

Location Description

Located in the heart of Houston, Landmark's River Oaks Theatre is a historic movie palace that has been preserved and updated for modern moviegoers. Built in 1939, the theater boasts art deco architecture and a classic marquee, making it a popular location for photographers looking for a vintage feel. The theater underwent renovations in 2018, upgrading the projection and sound systems while preserving the iconic architectural details. Whether you're looking to capture the vibrant colors of the marquee at night or the ornate details of the interior, Landmark's River Oaks Theatre offers plenty of opportunities for stunning photography.

What to Photograph

Landmark's River Oaks Theatre is a legendary cinema that is definitely worth a visit for photography enthusiasts. The historic building's distinctive art deco design is eye-catching and makes for amazing pictures inside and outside the venue. Since it opened in 1939, the cinema has been a Houston landmark and has gained widespread recognition from both moviegoers and photographers alike. There are plenty of great angles to capture the building's unique features such as the neon marquee, the ticket booth, and the grand theater entrance. Additionally, the interior of the cinema features a beautiful lobby with stunning chandeliers and an exceptional art-deco mural that photographers would want to include in their portfolio. Don't forget to photograph yourself enjoying a movie at this iconic theater!


Landmark's River Oaks Theatre has been an iconic landmark in the city of Houston, Texas since its inception in 1939. Originally designed by architect Joseph Finger, the theater has gone through several renovations and restorations to maintain its classic and elegant style. The theater has also been a host to world premieres and film festivals throughout its history, preserving the art and culture of cinema for generations to come.

For photographers, Landmark's River Oaks Theatre provides a unique and stunning backdrop for capturing memories and creating art. The theater's marquee and iconic neon lights add a touch of vintage glamour to any photoshoot. For those looking to capture the theater's interior, the grand chandeliers and classic decor provide a timeless aesthetic. Photographers can also take advantage of the theater's spacious lobby and balcony area, offering a variety of angles and compositions. While photography is allowed in the theater's public areas, it's important to respect the property and avoid disrupting any events or performances. Overall, Landmark's River Oaks Theatre is a must-visit destination for photography enthusiasts looking to capture Houston's history and culture.

Nearby Festivals and Events

As a beloved historical landmark in Houston, Landmark's River Oaks Theatre is a popular destination for moviegoers and photography enthusiasts alike. Beyond the theater's picturesque facade, the surrounding area offers a variety of annual events and festivals that showcase the vibrant culture of Houston. Here is a list of the top events to check out near Landmark's River Oaks Theatre:

  • Houston Art Crawl (September): A night of creative discovery as art galleries and museums in Houston's Montrose neighborhood open their doors for free.
  • Texas Book Festival (October): A free literary festival featuring more than 250 nationally and critically recognized authors and illustrators.
  • Houston Cinema Arts Festival (November): An 11-day film festival celebrating the visual and performing arts with film screenings, live performances, and interactive installations.
  • Lights in the Heights (December): A neighborhood holiday celebration featuring festive lights, live music, community spirit, and creative displays in the Woodland Heights neighborhood.
  • Houston Toy Drive (December): A charity event that brings the community together to donate toys to children in need during the holiday season.
  • Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo (February-March): An annual rodeo and fair that features championship rodeo competitions, live music, and carnival rides.
  • Houston Greek Fest (May): A celebration of Greek culture with live music, dance performances, and authentic food and drinks.
  • Free Press Summer Fest (May-June): An annual music and arts festival featuring a diverse lineup of local and international musicians and artists.
  • Houston LGBT Pride Celebration (June): An annual celebration of the LGBTQ+ community in Houston with a parade, live music, and cultural performances.

Whether you're a seasoned photographer or just starting to explore the art form, attending these events can offer a wealth of opportunities to capture unique and creative images. From colorful street fairs to vibrant cultural celebrations, Houston's annual events are sure to inspire and delight photographers of all skill levels.


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