Kicks Indoor Soccer

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For photography enthusiasts, Kicks Indoor Soccer in Houston, TX provides an ideal location for capturing unique, action-packed shots. Located at 611 Shepherd Dr, this indoor facility boasts impressive lighting and ample space, allowing photographers to experiment with a range of angles and techniques. With a variety of leagues and programs for players of all ages, there's always plenty of activity to photograph at Kicks. Whether you're looking to capture freeze-frame action shots or candid moments, Kicks Indoor Soccer offers a dynamic setting for photographers to flex their skills and capture memorable images.

What to Photograph

Kicks Indoor Soccer, situated in Houston, TX, is a fascinating location for capturing unique and exciting photographs. The indoor facility features several fields, each of which has impressive lighting that allows photographers to experiment with different angles and compositions. The action on the fields, with players ranging from youths to adults, provides endless opportunities for photographers to capture stunning images. The players sprinting across the fields, jumping, and making goals are just a few examples of the many action shots available. Additionally, the facility's seating areas allow photographers to capture candid moments of fans cheering on their favorite teams. Kicks Indoor Soccer provides a dynamic and challenging environment for photographers to bring their photography skills to the next level.


Kicks Indoor Soccer, located on Shepherd Drive in Houston, TX, was founded in 2010 and has since become a popular destination for local soccer lovers. From youth development programs to adult leagues, Kicks offers a range of opportunities for players to hone their skills and enjoy the sport. With its impressive facilities and state-of-the-art lighting, Kicks has quickly become a favorite spot for photographers to capture the action and excitement of indoor soccer.

One tip for photographers visiting Kicks Indoor Soccer is to arrive early to scout out the best shooting locations. With multiple fields and games happening simultaneously, it can be overwhelming to find the best angles and compositions. It's also important to be mindful of the players and coaches and to avoid distracting them during games. Another tip is to experiment with different camera settings to capture the fast-paced action, such as using a high shutter speed or burst mode to capture multiple shots in rapid succession. With its exciting atmosphere and dynamic opportunities for photography, Kicks Indoor Soccer is a must-visit location for any photographer in the Houston area.

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    611 Shepherd Dr
    Houston, TX 77007

    (17.8 mi / 26 mins)

    (713) 426-1107


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