HoustonPhotowalks partners with, and uses products of, 3rd parties.  This includes locations we visit, webinar software, companies that advertise with us, websites we recommend, etc.  We provide these options as part of our activities, but obviously have no direct control over those 3rd parties.

In some rare cases, members may experience difficulty with a 3rd party and look to HoustonPhotowalks organizers or members for help.  In most cases, issues can be resolved by reading the meetup description and other comments already posted on a meetup page.

If following the directions in the meetup does not resolve your issue, contact the organizer directly via private message, not public comment.

If you feel the need to express negative comments about a 3rd party that HoustonPhotowalks works with, please do so by contacting your organizer privately.

Please do not post “me too” comments, it only creates additional email traffic to all members, including those not experiencing the issue you are.

Posting complaints, negative, or angry comments in public comments about a 3rd party product that HoustonPhotowalks cannot control is extremely unfriendly to the event organizers and adds unwarranted negativity to our culture.    Doing so will result in a warning the first time.  If it continues, it is grounds for removal from our future events.    This is especially true if the situation has already been addressed in the meetup description and/or previous public comments and/or the group FAQs.

Keep public comments friendly, send complaints to the organizer privately.

Please note, required FTC Legal Disclaimer: HoustonPhotowalks uses affiliate marketing and advertising to generate revenue for our budget and the organizers who run the group. This money is used to pay Meetup.com fees, website hosting fees, classroom fees, teaching fees, donations to museums and venues, provide bottles of water when possible, compensate organizers for their time, etc. When you click links, the HoustonPhotowalks organization may receive a fee when you purchase a product or service.