Please contact the organizer privately. No one wants their errors pointed out publicly to a huge audience, especially our organizers/volunteers.

There are a lot of buttons, knobs and text boxes to fill in when posting a new event. Sometimes a person may get something typed in wrong. Rather than pointing out an organizer’s mistakes publicly, it’s ok to privately text that person and let them know privately that an edit needs to be made.

Did an organizer misspell something? Is a time/date/address incorrect? Are details fuzzy? Did you not enjoy an event for a particular reason? Is there something about the group that bugs you? We appreciate your keen eye and willingness to share — and your politely worded private message.

We will look at anything you have to say and respond accordingly. Sometimes something looks like a mistake, but it’s not. So pointing out something you disagree with may confuse others.

Mistakes happen, people are human, and not everyone enjoys everything we do. Friendly comments will be handled, public comments will be too — often with the same tone of voice as the person complaining.

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