No, please RSVP. If an event is full, it is likely due to the lack of space. Having too many people in a location also attracts unwanted attention and could lead to us being asked to leave the location. It also makes it difficult to photograph around other photographers if there are too many people.

The Terms Of Service are specific about crashing without RSVPing, or showing up if you are on a waiting list. It’s grounds for being removed from a group and/or the site entirely.

Regarding waiting lists:

Some meetup groups “buffer” for possible no-shows. We do not. So “waiting list” people should not attend “hoping someone no-shows”. If the venue sees 39 people and they only invited 20, they won’t understand that 19 people are on the waiting list. Venues will count all heads, think we lied to them about how many will be attending … and send EVERYONE home.

This also puts the organizer in a very uncomfortable situation of telling some people they have to “go home” if there isn’t enough room. And its impossible to make sure that people are fairly treated in order of first-come-first-served.

If you are not on the “Going” list, do not attend; people on the waiting list that just show up anyway will be assigned a no-show for that event.

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