XPOZER.COM is a new and safe way to hang large gallery prints.  As photographers, we’re always on the hunt for our next favorite shot.  With Xpozer’s reusable frame, you can swap out images as often as you want!  The frames are very light, and the hanger attaches at a single point, so no more holes or hanging crooked photos.

XPOZER vs Gallery Wrap vs Metal

Canvas fabric was originally developed for painters in the 14th century. We love a good painting, but we don’t like canvas for our high resolution photos because the texture of the canvas eliminates all the detail. Besides, we don’t want to lose part of our photo to wrapped borders.

And some people find the “texture” of canvas to be distracting, especially in side-lighting situations that can create unwanted small shadows.  Since Xpozer images are high quality, you get the same strong detail as metal prints, but without the strong glare and reflections.

Small spaces but too many photos?

Your Xpozer images can be rolled up and stored safely whenever you are ready to swap out for a new image.  Gallery wraps are rigid and hard to safely store.  When you’re ready to swap out your wall images to match your holiday decorations, you simply roll up your Xpozer landscape images and install your Xpozer holiday images!

Prices comparable to Gallery Wraps

When I started looking at Xpozer, I liked the ease of hanging and fewer holes in my walls.  But the prices are very competitive with Gallery Wraps too.  For a print and frame at 16″x24″, the price is only $59.95.  But!  They are offering an introductory offer for a 16″x24″ image and several other items for only $47!

The $47 Introductory Offer

For a limited time, you can get the Xpozer starter pack for $47, here’s what you get:

  • Gallery Quality Wall Print  – value: $40
  • Reusable aluminium frame – value $30
  • Easy Hang Kit – value: $10
  • FREE: 26 Video Lessons for photography and printing – value: $99
  • FREE: Lightroom and Luminar Preset Pack – value: $49
  • FREE: Ebook with step-by-step photo editing workflows – value: $19
  • $10 Voucher on your next Xpozer purchase!

Total value: $257

HoustonPhotowalks member introductory price: $47!

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