We have a winner!

Every year as part of keeping things fun even when it’s too hot outside to photowalk, we do a “Fix Joe’s Busted Images” contest, where I toss out a few of my photographs and challenge members to edit them. And anything goes. No Holds Barred. Over the years, we’ve seen some amazing edits made with my garbage photos, and this year was no different!

I’m excited to announce we have a 2022 Winner! As usual, we had a bunch of beautiful and clever submissions, and it was hard to pick the absolute most bestest repair. But I was really impressed with one images and it’s this year’s winner.

Congratulations Marshall Mullen for his clever repair of my boring jeep image! His stuck-in-the-mud photoshop composite was really well done, love how he sinks the jeep into the swamp and makes it look seamless into the new background image.

Awesome work Marshall and great work everyone that submitted photos this year! You can see all of the entries on our meetup album. Here are a few of the best and most creative from this year:

by Charles Putnam

by JerryLee

by Medha

by Paula Powers

by Susan Strassell

Joe Lippeatt
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