The Shops at Houston Center

Spacious plaza with upscale & casual dining options, local businesses, plus gift & apparel stores.

Location Description

The Shops at Houston Center is the perfect destination for those who are interested in photography. The location is situated in the heart of Downtown Houston, making it easy to access from all parts of the city. The building itself is a stunning 24-story tower that features an atrium filled with plenty of natural light, which is perfect for capturing stunning photos. Visitors can expect to see a variety of shops and restaurants, all of which provide many opportunities for capturing great shots of unique and colorful storefronts, delicious food presentations, and other photogenic moments. With plenty of parking available, The Shops at Houston Center make for an ideal starting point for a photo tour of Houston.

What to Photograph

For those who enjoy photography, The Shops at Houston Center offer a variety of interesting and unique subjects to capture. The stunning architecture of the building is a popular choice for photographers, with its sleek lines and modern design providing an array of opportunities for creative shots. The center also hosts a number of art installations and sculptures throughout the building, including a colorful mural on the ground floor that makes for a great backdrop. Additionally, the large windows throughout the mall provide ample natural light, making it an ideal location for indoor photoshoots. Finally, with its central location in the heart of downtown Houston, The Shops at Houston Center offer a stunning view of the city skyline, making it a prime location for capturing panoramic shots.


The Shops at Houston Center is a hub of activity located in the heart of downtown Houston. The complex houses numerous shops, restaurants, and amenities, making it a popular destination for both locals and tourists alike. The area has a rich history, having been a center for trade and commerce since the 1800s. One of the most interesting things about the location is that it was once the site of Houston's first theater, the Apollo Theater. The Apollo was built in 1840 and was a popular venue for entertainment until it was burned down in a fire in 1887.

For photography enthusiasts, The Shops at Houston Center offers numerous opportunities to capture stunning images. The atrium, with its soaring ceilings and cascading waterfall, is a popular spot for portraits and architectural photos. If you're looking for a more intimate space, consider visiting some of the smaller shops and restaurants, many of which have beautiful and unique interiors. Additionally, the area surrounding The Shops at Houston Center is home to some of Houston's most iconic buildings, including the Chase Tower and the Bank of America Center, making it an excellent location for capturing the beauty of the city skyline.

Nearby Festivals and Events

For photography enthusiasts, The Shops at Houston Center offer a great deal of exciting events and festivals throughout the year. Here are some of the must-attend events for all shutterbugs out there:

  • Miller Outdoor Theatre Presents Photography Lecture Series: The event features lectures by world-famous photographers and photography experts, who offer valuable insights into various aspects of photography. (March)

  • University of Houston Downtown Student Photography Exhibit: The exhibit features work by the university's students, showcasing their creative talent in various genres of photography, including documentary, portrait, and landscape. (April)

  • Art Car Parade Photography Madness Workshop: This workshop teaches participants how to capture stunning images of the Art Car Parade, one of Houston's most popular and colorful events, and other similar events. (April)

  • Pizza, Bites & Prosecco Photo Adventure: This event provides participants with the opportunity to explore Houston while capturing stunning images of the city's architecture, street art, and landscapes. (June)

  • Texas Renaissance Festival: While not held at The Shops at Houston Center, this event is a must-attend for all photographers. The festival offers a unique opportunity to shoot vivid images of medieval-inspired costumes, performances, parades, and more. (September to November)

  • A Night at Space Center Houston: This event allows photography enthusiasts to capture stunning images of the space center and its exhibits during an after-hours tour. (October)

  • Holiday Lighting Ceremony: The event marks the beginning of the holiday season and features dazzling lights, music, and food. It provides ample opportunities to capture stunning holiday-themed images. (November)

These events and festivals offer endless opportunities to capture stunning images, learn new techniques, and meet like-minded individuals who share a passion for photography. So, mark your calendars and make sure to attend these events to take your photography skills to the next level.


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