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For photography enthusiasts looking for an extraordinary shooting location, The Game Preserve NASA is a must-visit destination. Located at 20810 Gulf Fwy in Webster, TX, this place offers photographers an opportunity to capture some stunning shots of the wildlife in their natural habitat. The Game Preserve is a unique escape from the bustling city life as it is situated on over 50 acres of privately-owned land, including ponds, forests, and wetlands. The picturesque scenery of the preserve is a photographer's dream, with a range of wildlife, including egrets, herons, alligators, and many others, providing ample opportunities to capture some truly awe-inspiring shots. The variety of habitats also allows for different photographic styles, so whatever your preference, you're sure to leave with some impressive photos.

What to Photograph

For photography enthusiasts, The Game Preserve NASA in Webster, TX, is an ideal location to capture some unique and stunning shots. The Game Preserve NASA is a perfect combination of technology and nature, with immersive exhibits showcasing some of the most advanced scientific equipment used by NASA. Visitors can capture images of actual space artifacts, spacesuits, and the rockets that brought astronauts to the moon. The facility is also home to a beautiful butterfly garden, brimming with colorful flora and fauna, providing ample opportunities for macro photography. Additionally, the HEB Science Stage offers fascinating demonstrations and science shows, making for an unusual backdrop for photography. Visitors can also photograph their families and friends engaging in the various unique arcade games, adding a touch of nostalgia to their photos. Overall, The Game Preserve NASA provides an ideal location for capturing awe-inspiring, educational, and unique photographs.


The Game Preserve NASA is not only a fun and exciting destination for gamers, but it has a rich and interesting history as well. The building that houses The Game Preserve was originally built in the early 1970s and served as a movie theater. It was a popular spot for locals for many years, but eventually fell out of use and sat vacant for several years. In 2009, The Game Preserve opened its doors for the first time, and since then it has become a beloved destination for gamers of all ages.

If photography is your passion, then The Game Preserve NASA is a unique and interesting location to photograph. The neon lights and colorful gaming machines make for perfect subjects to capture and experiment with different lighting techniques. There are many opportunities to capture candid moments of gamers lost in intense gameplay or focused on trying to beat the high score. Another tip is to try to capture the energy and excitement of the atmosphere by taking wide-angle shots that can capture more of the bustling arcade scene. Finally, for a more dramatic shot, try using a slow shutter speed to capture the movement of the game machines and create a dynamic image. Whatever photography style you prefer, The Game Preserve NASA offers a plethora of interesting subjects.

Nearby Festivals and Events

If you're an avid photographer looking for events and festivals to capture stunning photos, The Game Preserve NASA in Webster, TX is a great location to visit. Check out these annual events and festivals held at or near this location:

- Houston Auto Show (January): Head to the NRG Center, located about 20 miles from The Game Preserve, to capture photos of the latest cars, trucks, and SUVs from top automakers.

- Mardi Gras! Galveston (February/March): Celebrate the carnival season in Galveston, just a short drive from Webster, with a parade, live music, and plenty of colorful costumes for great photo opportunities.

- Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo (March): The world's largest livestock show and rodeo features a carnival, concerts, and more at NRG Park, located about 20 miles from The Game Preserve.

- Pasadena Strawberry Festival (May): Capture the fun and festivities of the strawberry-themed carnival rides, live music, and more at the Pasadena Fairgrounds, less than 10 miles from The Game Preserve.

- Galveston Island Beach Revue (May): Enjoy a weekend of vintage-inspired events and entertainment, including a classic car show and fashion contest, at the historic Hotel Galvez & Spa, located about 25 miles from Webster.

- Bayou City Art Festival (October): Browse and photograph works by over 300 artists from around the country at this juried art festival held at Houston's Memorial Park, about 25 miles from The Game Preserve.

Whether you're into classic cars, music, or art, The Game Preserve NASA's location in Webster, TX makes it easy to find plenty of unique photography opportunities at nearby festivals and events.


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