Rio Bravo Motocross Park

Location Description

Located in the bustling city of Houston, Texas, the Rio Bravo Motocross Park is an ideal location for photography enthusiasts looking for a thrilling and unique experience. Located at 11610 N Lake Houston Pkwy, this expansive motocross park offers over 300 acres of picturesque landscape, including winding dirt tracks, towering jumps, and scenic views. With varying elevations and terrain, capturing breathtaking images of riders in action is easy, making Rio Bravo Motocross Park a popular destination for both amateur and professional photographers alike. With its wide-open spaces, stunning backdrops, and dynamic action, Rio Bravo Motocross Park is a photographer's dream come true.

What to Photograph

Located in Houston, TX, Rio Bravo Motocross Park features many interesting elements for photographers to capture. The park is well-known for its thrilling motocross events, providing an opportunity for photographers to capture high-speed action shots. In addition to capturing riders in action, the park is also well-suited for landscape and nature photography. The park is situated on a beautiful piece of land and features scenic views of the surrounding countryside. Photographers can take advantage of the expansive skies and colorful sunsets for some truly breathtaking shots. With a range of subjects to capture, Rio Bravo Motocross Park is an ideal destination for photographers of all skill levels and interests.


Rio Bravo Motocross Park is a well-known dirt bike racing location located at 11610 N Lake Houston Pkwy, in Houston, Texas, USA. This location has been around since the 1970s and has hosted numerous regional and national events for hobbyists, amateurs, and professional motocross riders. In addition, Rio Bravo Motocross Park has become a popular destination for photographers who love to capture the thrilling moments of professional dirt bike racing.

For photography enthusiasts, there are a few interesting tips to keep in mind when visiting Rio Bravo Motocross Park. It's always good to come prepared with the right equipment, such as a high-speed camera with great autofocus and rapid shutter speeds to capture the fast-moving action. Be sure to try different angles and perspectives: get up close to capture the riders' expressions or shoot from afar to show the grandeur of the track. One interesting fact is that the park's surroundings have recently been developed, and there is a man-made hill overlooking the track, allowing for elevated shots that provide an excellent vantage point. Overall, Rio Bravo Motocross Park is a haven for motocross racing and photography enthusiasts, as it provides a unique opportunity to capture thrilling moments that are sure to be unforgettable.

Nearby Festivals and Events

If you're interested in photography, you might find that Rio Bravo Motocross Park offers exciting opportunities to capture action-packed shots. But did you also know that this location is home to several annual events and festivals? Check out the list below to plan your visit and capture some stunning photos:

  • Races2K (April and October): This high-energy motocross race brings riders from all over for thrilling competitions and family-friendly fun.
  • Rio Bravo Fiesta (May): Celebrate Hispanic culture with music, food, and dance at this festival held annually at Rio Bravo Motocross Park.
  • Redneck Rebellion Mud Run (July): Ready for some dirty fun? This annual mud run at Rio Bravo Motocross Park will put your photography skills to the test.
  • Texas Taco Tequila Music Festival (September): Held in nearby Pasadena, TX, this festival is full of tasty treats, musical performances, and plenty of photo opportunities.
  • Houston Pumpkin Festival (October): Located just a few miles from Rio Bravo Motocross Park, this festival is a great chance to snap photos of creatively carved pumpkins and fall-themed fun.
  • Fiesta Panamericana (November): Another nearby festival, this event celebrates the diversity of Latin American cultures with live music, tasty food, and colorful photo ops.

No matter the time of year, there's always something to capture on camera in and around Rio Bravo Motocross Park. Make sure to pack your camera and come ready to capture some incredible shots of these annual events and festivities.


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