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Project Row Houses is located in the heart of Houston, Texas and sits at the intersection of two historically significant African American neighborhoods - the Third and Fourth Wards. This location has a rich cultural history that is reflected in the architecture and artistry of the 40 shacks that make up the Project Row Houses campus. Each of these shacks was originally built in the 1930s as homes for African American families who worked in the surrounding industries. Now, the shacks have been transformed into artistic spaces, including workshops, galleries, and studios. Photographers will appreciate the unique juxtaposition of urban decay and artistic expression, making Project Row Houses a must-see location for capturing an authentic snapshot of Houston's history and culture.

What to Photograph

For photographers, Project Row Houses is a true gem. The mix of historic architecture and modern art installations provides a wealth of visual inspiration. The shacks themselves are works of art, with weathered wood and rusted metal exteriors that create a unique textured backdrop for photographs. Inside, the shacks have been transformed into galleries and studios where local artists display their work, providing countless opportunities for capturing the dynamic and ever-changing Houston art scene. In addition, the campus includes a beautiful community garden, which offers a natural counterpoint to the urban decay of the shacks. Photographers interested in portrait photography will appreciate the photogenic nature of the nearby neighborhoods, which offer a wealth of diverse cultural experiences and picturesque backdrops. Overall, Project Row Houses is a fantastic location for photographers looking to capture the spirit of Houston's vibrant art scene and the unique history of the Third and Fourth Wards.


Project Row Houses is an important cultural institution that is deeply connected to the history of Houston's African American communities. The site was established in 1993 as a response to the drastic economic and social changes that had taken place in the Third and Fourth Wards. The goal was to preserve the historic shotgun-style houses that were threatened with demolition, while also creating a space for artists to work and exhibit their creations. Through a combination of community engagement, creative programming, and innovative partnerships, Project Row Houses has become a vital center for contemporary art, social justice, and civic engagement.

There's something truly special about Project Row Houses, and it's not just the art. Visitors to the site might be intrigued to know that the organization operates on a model of social entrepreneurship, which means that the shacks on the premises are used to encourage local entrepreneurs and small businesses. These businesses often take the form of artist-run storefronts, but they can also be food co-ops, bookstores, or other community-oriented enterprises. Additionally, Project Row Houses is home to several public artworks, including murals and installations that reflect the history and culture of the neighborhood. Visitors are encouraged to explore the site on their own, but guided tours are also available for those who want to learn more about the organization and its mission. If you're a photographer interested in exploring Houston's vibrant arts scene while also delving deep into its cultural history, Project Row Houses is definitely a destination worth checking out.

Nearby Festivals and Events

  • Summer Arts Camp - August - A week-long camp where youth explore and experience various art mediums and learn about creative careers.
  • Juneteenth Emancipation Day Celebration - June - A community celebration of the announcement of the abolition of slavery in Texas.
  • Houston Art Crawl - November - A city-wide event where patrons can explore various galleries and studios, including those at Project Row Houses.
  • Houston Black Restaurant Week - April - A week-long event that celebrates culinary diversity in Houston's African American-owned restaurants.
  • FotoFest Houston - March - A biennial international photography and mixed media art festival that showcases the work of photographers from around the world.

Photographers who are interested in Project Row Houses as a photography destination should keep these annual events and festivals in mind when planning their visit. These events offer unique opportunities to experience the culture of Houston and the art scene at Project Row Houses in particular. Whether you're interested in exploring art forms yourself or documenting the community's celebrations, these events are sure to inspire your photography and offer a rich experience that will enhance your understanding of the history and culture of the area.


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