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Prestonwood Forest Christmas Lights is located in the heart of Houston, Texas in the Prestonwood neighborhood at Prestonwood Forest Dr. This location is perfect for anyone looking for a picturesque backdrop for their photography sessions. The neighborhood is known for its beautiful homes, stunning especially during the holiday season as they are decorated with magnificent Christmas lights. The streets are lined with tall oak trees, making for the perfect frame for any pictures. Additionally, the lights at Prestonwood Forest are synchronized to Christmas carols, providing photographers with the opportunity to capture festive moments against the backdrop of music. This location offers photographers endless possibilities to capture beautiful and unique shots, making it a must-visit spot during the holiday season.

What to Photograph

Prestonwood Forest Christmas Lights offers a sublime sight to photographers during the holiday season. One of the most fascinating features of this location is the synchronized lights display, where Christmas lights are choreographed to dance along with the playing of festive music. This creates a unique atmosphere that provides photographers with a chance to capture stunning images that evoke the holiday spirit. Moreover, the Christmas lights look amazing on the trees lining the streets and on the beautifully decorated houses within the neighborhood. Photographers should also have their camera ready to capture the smiles, laughter, and other emotions exhibited by family, friends, and couples as they stroll past the lights display. For those interested in low-light photography, the dimmed streetlights provide a unique opportunity to experiment with light exposure and capture breathtaking night shots. Ultimately, Prestonwood Forest Christmas Lights provides the ideal location for photographers to create unforgettable memories and capture the essence of the holiday season.


Prestonwood Forest Christmas Lights history dates back to the 1970s when a few families in the neighborhood started putting up simple Christmas light decorations. The tradition slowly grew to encompass the entire neighborhood, with more and more families joining in every year. By the 1980s, the community was widely recognized for its stunning Christmas lights display, attracting visitors from all over Houston and beyond. In 1995, the community installed a new system where the Christmas lights could be synchronized with music, creating a unique and spectacular display that set Prestonwood Forest apart. Today, the tradition of Christmas lights at Prestonwood Forest continues, with over 750 homes participating in decorating their front yards with dazzling lights and decorations during the holiday season.

For photography enthusiasts visiting Prestonwood Forest Christmas Lights, it is essential to remember that the area can get very crowded during peak hours. To beat the crowds, it is helpful to visit during early opening hours or on weekdays. For photographers who want to capture unique shots, photographing from a higher vantage point, like an overpass or a drone, can provide a more comprehensive view of the lights from the neighborhood. It is also essential to remember to respect the privacy of the homeowners when taking photographs. As a courtesy, always ask for permission before photographing individuals, especially if they are children. Finally, dressing warmly and bringing snacks and drinks can help ensure that photographers are comfortable and energized during the shoot. With these tips, photographers can capture breathtaking images of the stunning display of light and color at Prestonwood Forest Christmas Lights.

Nearby Festivals and Events

Are you planning to visit Prestonwood Forest Christmas Lights to capture stunning photographs of the holiday lights? You might want to consider timing your visit with some of the events held in or around this location. Here are some of the annual events and festivals that might interest photographers:

  • Prestonwood Forest Festival of Lights - Held annually in December, this festival is a time to celebrate the holidays with music, food, crafts, and games.
  • Spring Festival and Craft Show - Held annually in April at nearby Collins Park, this festival features a variety of vendors selling handmade crafts and wares.
  • Fun Fest - Held annually in October at nearby Burroughs Park, this festival features live music, children's activities, food vendors, and a car show.
  • Spring Breakout - Held annually in March at nearby Kickerillo-Mischer Preserve, this event is a day of outdoor adventure with activities like hiking, geocaching, and ecological presentations.
  • Old Town Spring Oktoberfest - Held annually in October in nearby Old Town Spring, this festival features traditional German food, drink, music, and games.

Attending any of these events could add a unique and fun element to your photography trip to Prestonwood Forest Christmas Lights. Don't forget to check for any updates on the events' websites before attending to make sure they are still being held and to get the latest details on dates, times, and tickets.


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