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For photography enthusiasts, the Houston Police Museum is a fascinating destination to capture the city's unique heritage. The museum is located in the city center at 1200 Travis St, Houston, TX, 77002, and occupies a beautiful historical building constructed in 1910. The location of the museum offers a plethora of photographic opportunities throughout the interior and exterior of the building. Visitors can capture stunning images of the museum's various exhibits, including vintage police vehicles, weapons, uniforms, and other memorabilia. Additionally, the museum's unique architecture and ornamental details make for excellent shots that showcase Houston's rich history and cultural heritage. Whether you're a professional photographer or just looking to snap some memorable shots, the Houston Police Museum's location is sure to provide a unique photographic experience.

What to Photograph

For photography enthusiasts, the Houston Police Museum is an excellent location to capture some unique and fascinating shots. The museum is home to a collection of photographs and artifacts that showcase the history of the Houston Police Department. One of the most interesting sights to capture is the vintage police vehicles that are displayed outside of the museum on Travis Street. These old police cruisers make for some great photos with their classic designs and retro details. In addition, the museum's interior displays offer some great picture opportunities, such as the vintage uniforms, badges, and weapons used by Houston's officers throughout the years. With so much history to capture, the Houston Police Museum is a must-visit destination for any photography enthusiast.


The Houston Police Museum, located in the heart of downtown Houston, is a historic landmark that houses some of the most intriguing stories from the annals of the city's law enforcement history. The museum's building was once home to the city's Central Police Station, which was established in 1907 and operated until the 1970s. Today, the museum offers an extensive collection of exhibits, artifacts, and memorabilia that showcase the evolution of the Houston Police Department. Visitors can learn about Houston's earliest law enforcement officials, the department's major investigations, and the latest advancements in crime-fighting technology.

Photographers will find the Houston Police Museum to be a unique and fascinating location for capturing images. The exhibits offer a wealth of historical details and visual cues that can be incorporated into creative compositions. Visitors can photograph vintage police uniforms, vehicles, and equipment, as well as rare artifacts such as confiscated weapons and evidence from high-profile cases. One particularly interesting aspect of the museum is the "Forensic Science" exhibit, which showcases the scientific techniques used by crime scene investigators to solve complex cases. With its stunning architecture and engaging exhibits, the Houston Police Museum is a must-visit for photographers interested in capturing Houston's history through the lens of a camera.

Festivals or Annual Events

Aside from the exhibits available in the Houston Police Museum, the location also plays host to notable annual events and festivals that draw crowds of locals and tourists alike. Here is a list of some of the yearly events held at or near the museum that photography enthusiasts shouldn't miss:

  • Houston Art Crawl - September: A showcase of local artists, musicians, and performers in the Historic East End neighborhood.
  • Houston Texans Home Games - August to December: Catch Houston's NFL team in action at NRG Stadium, located just a few miles away from the museum.
  • Bayou City Art Festival - October: A two-day art festival that features over 300 artists, food vendors, and live entertainment in downtown Houston.
  • Houston Jazz Festival - October: A free outdoor music festival with multiple stages and a diverse lineup of local and national jazz musicians.
  • Museums of the East End Block Party - October: An annual event that celebrates the rich cultural heritage of Houston's East End neighborhood with live music, food, and free admission to participating museums, including the Houston Police Museum.

These events offer a great opportunity for photographers to capture Houston's diverse culture and unique atmosphere. Be sure to check the dates of these events and plan your visit accordingly to get some unforgettable shots of your own.


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