Hilton Houston-Americas

Upscale high-rise lodging connected to a convention center, with dining, a spa & a city-view pool.

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For those interested in photography, the Hilton Houston-Americas provides plenty of interesting subjects to capture through the lens. One of the highlights is the hotel's stunning architecture, which features a sleek and modern design that is sure to impress. The building's unique shape and angles make for a great subject for all types of photographers, from those interested in architecture to those who enjoy capturing striking lines and contrasts. Additionally, the hotel is located in the heart of downtown Houston, providing easy access to a variety of vibrant urban settings and cityscapes. From the bustling streets to the glittering skyline, there are plenty of opportunities to capture some truly spectacular images.


The Hilton Houston-Americas has a rich history dating back to 2003 when it was first opened as the first convention center hotel in all of Texas. Its location in downtown Houston has made it a go-to for travelers looking to explore the bustling heart of the city. Groundbreaking pictures can be captured both inside and outside the hotel due to its proximity to the city's many attractions, including the George R. Brown Convention Center and Discovery Green, an expansive park perfect for family photos or nature shots. The hotel's architecture was designed to reflect Houston's landscape and culture, offering endless opportunities for wonderful pictures showcasing the city's distinct history and character.

For photography enthusiasts staying at the Hilton Houston-Americas, there are many hidden gems to discover both inside and outside the hotel. One popular hidden spot is the hotel's rooftop pool area, which provides breathtaking panoramic views of the cityscape and skyline, particularly when photographed during the early morning or at sunset. For those looking to capture Houston's vibrant street art scene, the hotel is only a short walk away from the "Houston is Inspired" mural and the "Houston Wall" mural, which are ideal backdrops for people looking to take some colorful and urban photos. Additionally, the hotel's lobby boasts a beautiful chandelier made from recycled materials, which makes for an eye-catching and eco-friendly photo op.

Nearby Festivals and Events

For photography enthusiasts visiting the Hilton Houston-Americas and the surrounding area, there are several annual events and festivals worth checking out. Here are some of the top picks:

  • Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo (March): This festival is one of the largest in Texas and features rodeo events, carnival rides, and a wide range of concerts.
  • Bayou City Art Festival (March/April and October): This bi-annual event features art from over 300 artists across various media, including photography.
  • Mayfest at Memorial Park (May): This festival brings together local artists, musicians, and food vendors for a weekend of family-friendly fun.
  • Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Celebration (May): This event celebrates the rich cultural heritage of the Asian and Pacific Islander communities in Houston through food, music, and dance.
  • Houston PRIDE Festival and Parade (June): This vibrant celebration of Houston's LGBTQ+ community features a parade, live music, and plenty of photo opportunities.
  • Summer Games Done Quick (June/July): Video game speedrunners gather for a week-long charity event, with all proceeds going to a selected charity.
  • Montgomery County Fair and Rodeo (September/October): Visitors can experience a real Texas rodeo with plenty of action and excitement.
  • Heights Annual Night in White (October): Guests wear all white attire for this elegant affair, which includes live music, food, and drinks.
  • Texas Renaissance Festival (October/November): Travel back in time to the 16th century with jousting tournaments, live performances, and plenty of photo-worthy costumes.

Planning a trip around one of these events can make for a memorable and picturesque experience for any photographer staying at the Hilton Houston-Americas.


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    1600 Lamar St
    Houston, TX 77010

    (18.1 mi / 25 mins)

    (713) 739-8000


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