Dot Coffee Shop

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Dot Coffee Shop is located in Houston, TX, right off of the I-45 highway. As a photographer, this location provides a great opportunity to capture some unique shots of Houston's industrial landscape. With its close proximity to downtown, visitors will have plenty of options for photography locations. Dot Coffee Shop's exterior features a mid-century design, making for a great subject to capture and experiment with different angles and perspectives. The interior is cozy and retro-themed, perfect for capturing a vintage vibe. The mix of old and new elements creates a unique backdrop for photography, ensuring that your images will stand out and tell a story. Whether you're capturing the hustle and bustle of Houston or the vintage charm of Dot Coffee Shop, this location is sure to provide some incredible shots for prospective photographers.


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    7006 I-45
    Houston, TX 77087

    (22.3 mi / 28 mins)


    • Cafe
    • Food
    • Outdoors
    • Store

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