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If you're a photographer looking for a unique and cozy spot to snap some stunning shots, be sure to check out Andy's Home Café in the Houston Heights neighborhood. Located at 1115 E 11th St, this picturesque café is known for its delicious coffee, friendly ambiance, and eclectic décor that make for a perfect backdrop for photography. The café's interior is adorned with vintage furnishings, artistic wall hangings, and an array of potted plants that give off an inviting and homely vibe. Whether you're looking to capture some candid moments of locals sipping on their lattes or want to shoot some professional shots for a coffee-themed project, this café is a must-visit destination.

What to Photograph

Photographers visiting Andy's Home Café will find no shortage of interesting subjects to capture through their camera lenses. The cozy interior of the café features a unique mix of vintage furnishings and modern eclectic décor. The walls are adorned with artistic wall hangings, creating a perfect backdrop for portraits. The café's potted plants offer a natural touch to the photos and add to the warm ambiance of the place. The natural light filtering through the café's large windows creates a beautiful luminous atmosphere perfect for close-ups and still photographs of coffee cups, latte art, and tasty treats. The exterior of the building is also photo-worthy, with its rustic façade and outdoor seating area that is perfect for capturing candid moments of patrons enjoying their drinks or a friendly conversation. For photographers looking to add variety to their portfolio, Andy's Home Café is a must-visit destination.


Andy's Home Café is located in the historic Houston Heights neighborhood. Houston Heights has a rich and diverse history dating back to the late 1800s when it was established as a planned community. Over the years, the neighborhood has seen various phases of city development and revitalization but has always maintained its unique charm and character. Andy's Home Café, opened in 2016, is a relatively new addition to the area but has quickly become a beloved hangout spot for photographers and locals alike.

For coffee-loving photographers looking to visit Andy's Home Café, here's a secret tip: the café's outdoor seating area is a hidden gem. With its cozy and inviting atmosphere, it's the perfect spot to snap some candid portraits of patrons enjoying their drinks and conversation. Additionally, if you're looking to capture some unique shots of coffee and latte art, ask the baristas to create a custom design just for your photoshoot. They're always up for the challenge and love to collaborate with photographers to create stunning visuals. Finally, if you're looking to get some work done while you're there, make sure to bring your laptop and take advantage of the café's free Wi-Fi and plenty of electrical outlets.

Nearby Festivals and Events

Here are some annual events and festivals in Houston Heights that photographers visiting Andy's Home Café might be interested in:

  • Spring Home and Garden Tour (April): Photograph beautiful gardens and charming historic homes in Houston Heights.
  • Fiesta Patrias (September): Experience Hispanic culture, music, and food at this annual festival.
  • Harvestfest (October): Capture the fall atmosphere while enjoying live music, food, and shopping from local vendors.
  • Lights in the Heights (December): Photograph the twinkling lights adorning the historic homes and enjoy holiday music and festivities.

Attending these events in Houston Heights can provide photographers with a unique opportunity to capture the local culture and the vibrant community that surrounds Andy's Home Café. Don't forget to charge up those camera batteries and bring extra memory cards!


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    1115 E 11th St
    Houston, TX 77009


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