As we continue to communicate virtually rather than in-person, some members are still a little confused about emails and notifications.  Our only way to communicate with members is via meetup’s online email system, so organizers have to rely on members to allow organizers to email them (by checking their settings), check their email faithfully and make sure important messages don’t accidentally end up in “deleted” or “spam” folders.  And that messages are carefully read.

Recently, a member emailed an organizer by “replying” to a previous email.  They complained that they never received the “Zoom” link for a class.  However, the email the member replied to … to complaint they had not received the zoom link … was the email I sent them with the zoom link in it.

I created a couple of resources for you.  This includes a recent blog post “Updating your Email Settings” and full details in our FAQ, “Online, Zoom and Webinar FAQs“.

Meanwhile, I have recently updated the blog post to add this information which may affect some members: may not send you Email, Here’s Why:

Please note: Meetup may not send you some emails if you have opted in for “Mobile Notifications”.  Read more about this issue at meetup’s help page:  Why am I not receiving Meetup emails? This is a setting in Meetup and HoustonPhotowalks cannot edit/change it on your behalf.

We work really hard not to spam you, and to make details as easy to follow as possible. But receiving and reading emails are critical to enjoying events in this group.

Thank you everyone that has updated their meetup email settings so that we can contact you through meetup.  See you at the next online meetup!

Joe Lippeatt
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