Report it immediately to the organizer. Organizers may not monitor their texts or phones while photowalking, so report it face to face as quickly as possible. Please make sure you provide enough information (such as the person’s name) so the organizer can intervene.

A member may be asked to leave an event location and/or banned from attending future events for the following situations:

  • Intentionally making other members or venue visitors feel unwelcome
  • Disrupts meetup events, including classes and trips
  • Escalates drama, bullying or harassing members or venue visitors
  • Threatens or initiates physical confrontations
  • Refuses to lower voice when asked to calm down
  • Intentionally damages location property, or refuses to own up to accidents
  • Ignores the requests/rules of tour operators, location owners or photowalk organizers
  • any other egregious acts of anti-social or dangerous behavior

A member who refuses to leave when asked to do so will be banned from all future group activities and reported to

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