Occasionally, someone who has paid to attend an event will need to cancel. Due to the limitations and complications with providing refunds through meetup, the basic policy is no refunds on tickets.

There are cases when someone can transfer their ticket/seat to someone else. The following conditions must be met:

  • The event must be booked/sold out.
  • No one else has posted a comment asking to attend the event if a spot opens up. 
  • The purchaser must be a HoustonPhotowalks.com Meetup Group member.
  • Organizers will not be able to verify payment completion between the two parties.
  • Tickets for the event venue, transportation, etc. must be legally transferrable.  For example, some tour operators, sporting events, travel arrangements, and cruise lines will not allow tickets to be transferred.
  • Seller needs to send an email to the organizer, CC: the buyer, and indicate that the transfer has been completed.
  • Only emails FROM THE SELLER, with the buyer listed in CC: will be accepted.  No texts, facebook DMs, meetup messages, etc. please.
  • No need for the buyer to email the organizer, verification of the transfer needs to come from the ticket seller.
  • The nature of the ticket transfer may not violate any of Meetup.com’s terms and conditions.
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