As covered in other questions, we love having friends and family join events.  Just make sure and add them as a +1 to your RSVP.  Some events are small and limited to Photographers Only.  If the event does not allow a +1, please do not bring one.

We love pet lovers, but unfortunately, we’ve had a couple of issues when people bring dogs.  Some pets are super friendly and well-behaved, and some pets are only well-behaved in the opinion of their owner.  Our events should be comfortable and friendly for the human photographers that attend, and some people have issues with dogs.  We will respect the human photographers that are members of this group and not make them feel excluded.  We respectfully request that you leave pets at home.

If you insist on bringing a pet (or unannounced extra person(s)), you may be asked to leave the Photowalk.  Your pet must be on a leash.  If your pet, at any time, shows it is not well-trained, requires a leash to be controlled, shows any aggression, growls, bares teeth, or eliminates and you do not clean it, you will be asked to leave.  If the location says no pets are allowed, you will be asked to leave.

Trained, registered, and on-duty service animals as defined by ADA Title II and Title III are welcome.  This means the animal is professionally trained to provide a specific service or task for a person with a specific disability.  We will not debate the difference between an ADA service animal and an “Emotional Support” animal.

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Joe is a Houston-area photographer and Project Manager for the IT / Software development company 24Moves Consulting.   Joe provides software, web development, SEO and marketing consulting in the day, and photography events on the weekends.
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