Demystifying How to Buy A DSLR Lens

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(Note, this is the ebook provided for free when taking classes).

Sometimes people ask me "what lens should I buy". I joke that picking a new lens is harder than picking a baby name -- you don't ask others to pick your baby name ("Joseph" is quite nice though). 🙂

It can be really confusing for both old-hat photographers and new DSLR owners to pick their next lens. There are an insane number of choices, acrynums and numbers, and specefications.

To make matters worse, seemingly identical lenses have a price difference of $1,000 or more.

And some folks end up buying a lens based on the focal length (MM) and price, and 6 months later realized they made a very bad, and expensive, lens choice.

What this book is *NOT* about:

It's really easy to "geek-out" on lens specifications. If you're a high-end, pro-minded kinda person who likes to read MTF charts and study lens grouping schematics to help you wake up in the morning,this book is NOT for you.

This book is:

  • NOT a "Joe, what lens should I buy?" Q&A - I'll show you how to evaluate lenses so YOU can make this decision!
  • NOT a Specifications / Mathematics / Physics / Geek-fest
  • NOT an argument over "Bokeh" quality
  • NOT a debate over "third-party lens options"
  • NOT a tutorial on reading MTF and Adoration charts

What this book *IS* all about:

  • The basics of understanding lens specifications
  • The different classifications of lens types
  • Know which specifications to pay attention to
  • Understand why 3 lenses with the same "mm" are drastically different prices
  • Evaluating lenses based on what you intend to do rather than what you think you need or can afford
  • Why lenses with a smaller focal range are better than those with a larger range.
  • How to evaluate conflicting "Reviews" on Amazon
  • The one lens that everyone should own
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