2014 Houston Transient Art and Graffiti - 75 Mapped Locations

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These 9 PDF files list 75 popular locations for Transient and Graffiti art in Houston inside the 610 loop. The first file includes all of the addresses. The other 8 files are point-by-point routing from one location to the next.

  • There are about 75 map points.
  • There are 8 different routes
  • Each route has between 6 and 10 different points.
  • Some locations have more than one mural. Check all buildings. No two routes are the same or contain the same map points.
  • All addresses are "approximate", especially block #s (1600, 200, etc).
  • Interesting art isn't always in the front of the buildings
  • Occasionally there are more than one building per location, keep your eyes open!
  • Beware if using google street-view, the images are 2 years old.
  • Locations have changed slightly over time.
  • "Transient" means here-today, gone-tomorrow. So murals will come and go unexpectedly.

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