In Part 2 of our Workflow classes, we will help you organize and automate your Lightroom workflow.  This will help make the tasks between import and export much faster and more enjoyable!

The Class

A few things that will be covered:

  •  Why Lightroom is more than just “image editing”
  •  How I find that picture I took 2 years ago
  •  Automate Metatags
  •  Useful Lightroom Plugins

DON’T spend hours trying to sort, file, refile, and find images for uploading to all your favorite sites.

DON’T stress.

The class will last about 2-hours.  Those who attend in person will also receive class notes via email after the class is over.

One-on-One: $129.00
Group (20 ppl): $25
Instructor: Joe Lippeatt
Bring to Class: Paper & pen, enthusiasm!
Length: 1-2 Hours
Group Classes Available at: HoustonPhotowalks
Skill Level Needed: Beginner – New to DSLR Photography, shoot only in Auto Mod
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