Nothing can suck the creative life out of a person faster than a confusing workflow and the complication of a backup strategy. Start 2017 off with a resolution to improve your Image Workflow!

The Class

One of the often-asked questions is about handling backups, spare hard drives, compiling our work and making sure we don’t delete/lose anything.  So part one of A Photographer’s Worflow, we will look at options for backing up and preserving our images.

  • Why I didn’t cry when my hard drive failed
  • Where I spend money, and where I don’t.
  • Why, how, and where to backup your Lightroom catalog files
  • What hardware I use for backups, and why.
  • Offsite backup, On-site backup and “Working Files”

DON’T lose all your work due to a poor backup plan and failed hard drive — or accidental deletions! We will walk through a full 3-point backup strategy that you can automate.

DON’T spend hours trying to sort, file, refile, and find images for uploading to all your favorite sites.

DON’T stress.

The class will last about 2-hours. Those who attend in person will also receive class notes via email.

Products Discussed In Class:

One-on-One: $129.00
Group (20 ppl): $25
Instructor: Joe Lippeatt
Bring to Class: Paper & pen, enthusiasm!
Length: 1-2 Hours
Group Classes Available at: HoustonPhotowalks
Skill Level Needed: Beginner – New to DSLR Photography, shoot only in Auto Mod
Joe Lippeatt
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