Not going to lie.  I enjoy April 1st.

For those that have a keen eye, you knew the moment that I said we were moving to Google Plus, that it was a joke.  And you probably know that we aren’t really going to ride Metro Rail in our underwear.  At least, I really hope you know that. 🙂

We are, however, transferring our blog, FAQ and other stuff to our own website, hosted at  Meetup will be a long-term permanent home for managing HoustonPhotowalk events.  But we want to do more for our members than just post photowalks.

If you enjoy fun stuff and want to see what we did in previous April 1st announcements, check out this list.  It’s not complete, we’ve been doing this for about 10 years, but here are some of the more memorable April 1st events:

Photowalk: 610 and 59 Overpass Traffic Spotting
Photowalk: Exclusive FINAL Tour of the Astrodome
Photowalk: Tour of Ben Taub General Hospital
Photowalk: “Bare” Seniors Volleyball Event (lol, this still cracks me up)
City Tour: Candid Portraits of Houston’s Entertaining Sign Wavers
Class and Portfolio Review: The Modern Day Self Portrait
Action Hero Shots with a Blazing Car Fire


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