Address:  (Meet at Newman’s Bakery) 504 East Main St · Bellville, TX
Hours: Call the bakery today at 979-865-9804 to check availability and reserve your date.
Private/Public: Private Home
Parking: Available outside the castle
Contact Info:

Meet at Newman's Bakery

Newman’s Castle is one of the most interesting and unusual places we’ve discovered while shooting with HoustonPhotowalks. It’s about an hour and a half drive west of Houston, in the woods of Bellville, Texas.

The functioning castle is the personal home of Mike Newman of Newman’s Bakery. He built the entire home himself over several years. Each section of the property is like moving back in time several hundred years.

To get in, you get to transverse the 3,000 lb. working drawbridge. Mike build almost all of the furniture, the kitchen, bathrooms, and even bathtubs by hand! The home has a chapel, a reception hall, and several bedrooms.

Below are some images we took the last time we visited Bellville and Newman’s Castle.
The Castle is available for tours most days of the week and can be rented for special events. But since this is a private residence, you must contact the bakery in advance of your visit to make an appointment.

While in the area, also visit the unique shops and downtown of Bellville, Texas — including having breakfast at Mike Newman’s Bakery!

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