In this class, we will be discussing three of the most common light-painting techniques. We will also make a light wand in class that you can take home and practice your light painting skills!

The three subjects covered in class are:

– Light Orbs
– Selective Lighting.
– Light Wands / Brushes ( ** You will make one of these for yourself in class! **)

It is really easy to make light painting tools. Most of the supplies are available at Home Depot and Michael’s. I will provide materials for making a Light Wand, and I’ll walk you through making it step-by-step.

After we are done with dinner and the class, we can go outside and try out our new techniques!

Light orbs are made with string and a bright light to create an interesting illusion of an “orb” of floating light. Check out this link to see an example: )

Light Wands / Brushes are plastic, slightly translucent tools that attach to the end of a flashlight. You can “paint” in the air with the flashlight while your camera is on slow shutter speed.

Selective Lighting is a technique of using one strong flashlight or speedlight and exposing your subject to light from different angles with that one light.

For example, the image above was light using just *one* speedlight. That includes the roof, sides, treetop, and even the red glow inside the window! I used multiple exposures, gels and ran around the yard “popping” my flash while my shutter was open. Then I used photoshop to blend all of the images together into one composition.

Some folks have asked me what I’m bringing to the Light Painting in Yorktown Abandoned Hospital. I have several flashlights, some floor lights, and a few DIY toys. I will bring my light painting tools, discuss where I bought them (or how I made them), and tips on how to use each technique.

Make sure you bring a flashlight with fresh batteries. Here is the flashlight I will be using.

Energizer Tac700 Tactical LED Flashlight – ( ) with Energizer 3v batteries ( )

Also, bring your Tripod, shutter release, and camera!

This will be a fun tutorial and you will go home with your own light wand!

One-on-One: $169.00
Group (20 ppl): $35.00
Instructor: Joe Lippeatt
Bring to Class: Camera, lens(es), paper & pen, enthusiasm!
Provided: Materials to create a light-paining tool.
Length: 2-3 Hours
Group Classes Available at: HoustonPhotowalks
Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate

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