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CANCELED: Sunset + Hunter’s Full Moon, Ed Wulfe Grove (SATURDAY & SUNDAY)

October 8, 2022 @ 6:13 pm - 8:13 pm


October 8, 2022
6:13 pm - 8:13 pm


HoustonPhotowalks Photography Club
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Ed Wulfe Grove at Memorial Park
1800 Allen Pkwy
Houston, TX 77019
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CANCELED: Photowalk: Sunset + Hunter’s Full Moon, Ed Wulfe Grove (SATURDAY and SUNDAY)

Unfortunately due to the events happening along Allen Parkway this weekend, both areas we tried to schedule for this event are going to be booked up with no parking. Parking signs with “will tow” have already been placed. With nowhere to park, we won’t be able to meet. I’m going to start issuing refunds.

I’m very sorry for this scheduling conflict. We will try it again soon.

Due to the Bayou City Art Festival, the streets near our previous meetup location will be blocked off, leaving us with no parking.

I have changed the Photowalk location to Ed Wulfe Grove, at the corner of Allen Pkwy and Gillette St. *MAKE SURE* you are using a GPS nav system that updates with road closures so you will find the best route to Allen Pkwy and Gillette without getting stuck on blocked streets!!

I posted pictures of the new location on our FB group (you don’t have to be logged into facebook to see the pictures):


The Sunday Night photowalk filled up really fast, so we are opening up a 2nd event the next evening! Technically it’s still a full moon. 🙂

The “Hunter’s Full Moon” will be October 9th. It will be very unique this year because the moonrise will be directly over downtown, and will happen less than 1 hour after sunset.

So within the span of a couple of hours, you can photograph Downtown buildings reflecting Golden hour as the sun goes down behind your back … and then capture a full moon rising over downtown buildings!


We will meet at Ed Wulfe Grove, on the corner of Allen Pkway and Gillette St. Feel free to arrive early if you want to photograph downtown and the bayou before it starts getting dark. As the sun goes down behind your back, the orange “Golden Hour” will light up the downtown buildings while still maintaining a deep blue sky. You can use your wide-angle lens to capture iconic downtown Houston panos.

Then the moon will rise directly behind the downtown buildings at about 7:15pm. Using your telephoto lens, you can take pictures of a bright full moon hanging behind the backdrop of downtown buildings.

If you have an account with TPE (free), you can view the sun and moon transit for this day at the following link:



To keep us from having a bunch of photographers in our pictures, we will keep the group small, and limited to photographers only. We will stand on the hill. If you want to get more pictures of the bayou or of the park, we will do that after everyone gets their moon shots.

Note that the Bayou City Art Festival is downtown at the same time, making some access to the location more difficult than usual. Be sure you are using GPS that takes road closures into account.

Parking is $1.20 and you can pay with the ParkHouston app on your phone. If you don’t have the ParkHouston app, look for it on your app store for your phone.

Allen Parkway now has a convenient area for parking. We no longer have to park near Sabine and walk the rest of the way.


For wide shots of downtown, bring your wide-angle lens. For large photographs of the full moon, bring your long zoom lens, and a teleconverter if you have one. For this shoot, a tripod is a must!

I also strongly suggest bringing wipe-on bug spray. Also, there is no covered area, so if there appears to be any rain in the forecast, bring your all-weather gear. This includes a cover for your camera gear and towel(s) for your person.


Please see our Payment FAQ: https://24mov.es/2D4idaE
Please see our RSVP FAQ: https://24mov.es/2SP1wFB

Rain or shine, no refunds, no transfers.

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