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Photowalk: Houston’s Transient Art, Murals and Graffiti, 200 Locations!

April 17 @ 9:00 am - 11:00 am


April 17
9:00 am - 11:00 am


HoustonPhotowalks Photography Club


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Bring a friend and/or some family for cute pictures with a Houston-centric backdrop of local Graffiti, Wall Murals, and outdoor Transient Art! Dress up in favorite outfits and take advantage of our April weather!

It’s been 6 years since our last Wall Mural and Graffiti photowalk run, so let’s get outside and enjoy some sun and local Houston art! My son Alex has been helping me drive around looking for murals. We compile 200 locations onto several area maps.

A link to the google map will be sent out the night before the event, and the map will be available for the entire weekend. You can connect to the map via your phone, and each location has buttons so you can navigate there with your GPS.

If you can’t attend this event or would just prefer to get a PDF of the map instead, I also made it available for purchase as a 200-page PDF on the HoustonPhotowalks website store. It comes with maps to each location:


The cost of this event and the PDF maps helps me and Alex pay for the gas we burned while compiling the list.

The maps are divided up into geographic areas, so regardless of which side of town you are on, there is a starting point near you. You can do one or two of the sections (about 20 locations per section), or if you are bold, do ALL 200 in a single weekend. That’s gonna be a lotta driving though. 🙂

If you find any murals that aren’t on the map, you can help out! Just photograph the location with your phone (with GPS turned on), and email me the photo. I will grab the GPS data from the photo for next year’s map!

Alex took pictures of Graffiti while I drove around. The addresses are based on GPS data on his phone. We used google maps to convert the GPS coordinates into addresses, and then I made maps with the locations. So keep the following in mind:

1) Most murals are visible from the street, so you can locate the mural location while driving, then get out and shoot it.
2) The addresses are NEAR the location, not always on top of the location.
3) Quite often there are several murals within one block, we counted that as one address.
4) Some murals are on the side or behind buildings, so be sure and go all the way around the block.
5) These are all on private property, most places don’t mind you photographing, but be respectful while you are there, and remember you can’t “sell” the photographs of someone else’s art.
6) Most places are fine with you taking pictures of friends, families, and selfies. BUT, it’s important to ask permission before bringing a paying photography client on private property for photography.

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