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Exclusive Photo Tour: Moody Mansion in Galveston – Limited to 20 People!

August 17, 2013 @ 8:15 am


Moody Mansion
2618 Broadway Avenue J
Galveston, TX 77550
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(409) 762-7668
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The Moody Mansion

The Moody Mansion is a 100% Photography Free Zone — except for our event!  We have been invited to an exclusive tour of this beautiful property in Galveston for a 1.5-hour tour, and cameras are invited!

This is an extremely rare event, and they are testing-the-waters for a photography tours in the future.  HoustonPhotowalks is very lucky to get this opportunity to impress them!

About The Tour

Update: Our tour guide says since we promise to be out of the house before regular business hours, she’s happy to increase the group size to 20!

The agreement we were able to secure with Moody Mansion is a group walking tour, not “self-guided tour” for this visit.  This means you’ll get to practice your “take pictures quickly and keep moving” skills.  Unfortunately, we won’t be able to stop and linger in one place for very long.

Also, we MUST be out of the building before their 10am regular opening.  After the walking tour, you can photograph the outside of the building and gardens.

This special event is pre-pay, $17 per person.  Please make sure and secure your RSVP by paying before midnight.


•  NO No-shows, only 15 people can go, we want to see 15 people there!

•  We need to make a GREAT impression on this venue so they are willing to do this again, both for us and other groups in the future.

We REALLY want to make a great impression.  If you felt “called out” at Bishop’s Place or prefer to do-your-own-thing rather than follow a tour guide, then this event is not for you, don’t sign up.  

I will go Hulk on you.  

I’m going to skip my “have more patients” medication that day. You’ve been totally warned.  (Sorry guys, I’m just really excited about the opportunities this may open up for photographers — and want this to go really really well).



(This is the “read this before posting a question” section)

I am all signed up, when do I pay?

Before midnight tonight.  Folks that haven’t paid by end of the day are removed to make room for other folks wanting to join.

I am all signed up, how do I pay?

Check out this quick walkthrough: How to use Paypal to pay.

I had an emergency / my fish tank went green / I have to change my RSVP.  / I had to no-show / I need a refund.

We always expect people not to show up for various reasons.  Life happens.  Unfortunately we have to pay for your seat if you are there or not.  Refunds are not available for this event.

Even though I can’t get a refund, I have to change my RSVP for the event that starts in 10 minutes.

Please change your RSVPs with plenty of time for someone on the waiting list to attend.  RSVP changes with less than 24 hours notice will be considered a no-show.

The “Waiting List” is huge, should I even bother signing up?

Absolutely.  The more people on the waiting list, the more likely we will repeat the event.  Also, many (MANY) people sign up but never pay, so the waiting list moves rather fast.

I’m on the “Waiting List”, should I go ahead and pay now?

Nope.  Wait until you are promoted into the “Going” list before trying to pay please.  Also, make sure you have edited your email settings so that you are receiving all email from the group.  That way, when a spot opens up, you will receive an email.

I am on the “waiting list”, can I just show up anyway?

No.  The waiting list folks will get moved in on a first-come-first-promoted basis.  Please respect the RSVP list.  Unexpectedly showing up creates havoc and confusion of epic proportions that usually lead to being marked as a ‘no-show’ even though you didn’t RSVP.

I was on the “List” yesterday, but I just got an email saying I’ve been removed!

HPW does not require people to instantly pay to secure their initial RSVP.  This gives folks the ability to quickly RSVP for a spot, even if they are on a smart phone and cannot paypal the funds.  However, we do like to see the money within 24 hours.  After 24 hours, if your RSVP isn’t paid, we hand your spot to someone on the waiting list.  (NOTE: I’m flexible.  If you need a few extra days for your payment to paypal to complete, just send me an email BEFORE you lose your spot.)

I am on the “waiting list”, but we’re good buddies and I’ve been in the group for years, can you move me up on the list, good-ol’-boy style?

Nope.  I love you like family.  And just like family, I hate drama.  The wait-list will move in order of first-come-first-promoted.  Its the only fair way.

I have a complaint and I want to post it in open-air comments?

Please address your comments / complaints / gripes to me via personal email.  If you think something’s not right and I agree, it will get addressed ASAP.  The “comments” section is for things you think would be interesting to the entire group — if you have something *I* need to know, address it to me.

I’m seriously new to the group / This is my first event.  I don’t understand what to do next.

No problem.  A couple of nights before each event, I send out the “last minute updates”.  This email contains a lot of extra info not posted on the open meetup.  If you are horribly confused after reading that email, reply back and I’ll walk you through your questions.

I don’t use PayPal.  What are my options?

Start using paypal.  Unfortunately people who pay “when I get there” rarely show up.  RSVPs are secured by your paypal payment.  Paypal is a big part of how we manage this group.

How does the RSVP policy work?

The RSVP, Paid RSVP, and No-Show policies are posted here: https://houstonphotowalks.com/about/

There were too many words in this FAQ, so I didn’t bother reading it, is that a problem?

Not really.  I wrote it and didn’t bother reading it.  But if something goes screwy, we both will be referring to it for answers.

I have another question not listed here, how do I contact the group organizer or host?

Information about how to contact a Meetup group organizer can be found at this link: “How do I contact an organizer?

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