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Class: Creating Professional Prints at Home

November 14 @ 11:00 am - 1:00 pm


November 14
11:00 am - 1:00 pm


HoustonPhotowalks Photography Club


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Ever since we started doing online/virtual classes in March, for the classes I’ve taught, someone always asks about the ‘big printer’ I have in my home office. Several have also asked about doing a class on printing your photos from home. That’s what this class is all about,

There are many reasons you would want to print your own photos – there’s a difference between seeing your finished work on a screen, and holding a 11×17 (or larger) print in your hands. It’s also a way to preserve your images. If you’ve done photographic work for others (such as friends, relatives, etc.), there’s nothing like seeing their reaction when you present them with a large/wide format print

This class will focus on choosing a wide format photo printer that best suits your needs. We’ll cover the two major wide format photo printer brands, the difference between inks, paper selection, making test prints and getting consistent results. We’ll cover printing in Lightroom (aka LrC), and the various options in the Print module. I’ll also include showing Canon’s Print Studio Pro plug-in, as that is the wide format printer I’m using (it makes printing in LrC easier than using the print module)


This class will be part Keynote presentation, part demonstration in LrC of both the Print module and Canon Print Studio Pro plugin, and addressing the normal printing issues that can come up.

If you’re currently using a wide format printer, and have questions, please message me beforehand so that I can research them to properly address them.

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