In this class, we will walk through and examine 12 MORE examples of photography techniques that can bring out the “WOW” in your photographs! These workshops build on each other, so you should take HPW101 – 12 Ways To Improve Your Photography before you this one.


One of the coolest things about the social group photography experience is seeing how other people record their experience at the same location. We often say “wow, wish I had thought to take that perspective!” or “I didn’t see that!”.

So as humans that enjoy the creature comfort of habit, we have to break our cycle of photography techniques and try new techniques to get that next amazing shot.

About The Class

All of the techniques we will discuss will be something you can use at your very next shoot or photowalk. You can make beautiful photographs with the gear you already own!

FREE WITH CLASS: Don’t worry about taking notes, you will receive a free copy of the ebook that accompanies this class!  E-books are available on my web store.

As photographers, we have all trained ourselves to “see” and photograph a certain way, often after years of practicing specific techniques. Habits are hard to break, so we’ll focus on 12 things you can do to force yourself to make photographs that are completely different.

Some of these techniques will focus on how you handle and use your gear differently. We will also discuss composition techniques, including technical issues you may encounter. And we will discuss how to avoid common issues that plague us as photographers, like “focus” and “noise”.

All of the sections in this class are specifically designed to help you get the most interesting and creative images possible.

Summary: In this class, we will walk through and examine 12 different examples of photography techniques that can bring out the “WOW” in your photographs!
One-on-One: $129.00
Group (20 ppl): $25
Instructor: Joe Lippeatt
Bring to Class: Tripod, camera, lens(es), paper & pen, enthusiasm!
Length: 1-2 Hours
Group Classes Available at: HoustonPhotowalks
Skill Level Needed: Beginner – New to DSLR Photography, shoot only in Auto Mod
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