Hello Everyone! Thank you for coming out last weekend, I had a blast and I hope you did too. We had several winners in our door prizes, listed below.

HUGE thanks to Betty for grabbing these images for us.

In-person winners:

Lee Filters Protective Field Pouch – Sabina Wagner!
GigaPan TShirt – Bobbie Ruth G!
Think Tank Photo Backpack – Charles Putnam
24Moves / HoustonPhotowalks Photography Vest Prototype – Sandy Tulio!
Canvas HQ Gift Certificate – Pamela A.
Lee Filter Inspiring Professionals Photography Books – Syed Photos!
Canvas HQ Gift Certificate – Minny!
Think Tank Photo Limited Edition Memory Packs: Richard Reinitz, Debi B. and 2 other people.
Canvas HQ Gift Certificate – Cindi!
GigaPan Water Bottle – Nao!

Late Edition Winners:

Some items didn’t make it to the dinner so we couldn’t give them away on the spot. But here are the additional winners from people that attended. Numbers were randomly drawn by Alex using Random.org and the numbers correspond to your alphabetical location on the RSVP list.

  • Spiffy Gear’s Light Blaster for Canon Lenses – Calvin Heinly
  • 2 Tickets to Bishops Palace in Galveston – Michelle Bay
  • 2 Tickets to Bishops Palace in Galveston – James Gamble
  • 1 Keyboard Cover from KBCovers.com – BJ Taylor
  • 1 Keyboard Cover from KBCovers.com – Dave-it
  • 1 Keyboard Cover from KBCovers.com – Rudy M.
  • 1 Keyboard Cover from KBCovers.com – Rosario
  • 1 Keyboard Cover from KBCovers.com – Krys Westfield
  • 1 Keyboard Cover from KBCovers.com – Francisco Lujan
  • 1 Keyboard Cover from KBCovers.com – Shannon Bay

Congratulations everyone and thanks for attending the party!

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Joe is a Houston-area photographer and Project Manager for the IT / Software development company 24Moves Consulting.Joe provides software, web development, SEO and marketing consulting in the day, and photography events on the weekends.
Joe Lippeatt
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