TL;DR: Backblaze Computer Backup releases v9.0, offering photographers faster restores, flexible access, and unlimited capacity to easily protect large photo and video libraries.

Backblaze released version 9.0 of their Computer Backup software. As a photographer, having a reliable backup solution for your images and other files is essential. In this post, we’ll take a look at the new features in Backblaze 9.0 and how they can benefit photographers.

[Disclaimer from Joe:  I’ve used Backblaze for many years and rely on it for both personal and work backups. Backblaze is a partner of HoustonPhotowalks.  If you click a Backblaze link and subscribe to their service, we earn a small commission.]

New Restore Application

One of the biggest new features in Backblaze 9.0 is the dedicated restore application for Mac and Windows. This makes the process of restoring your backed up files faster and easier. With the new app, you can browse your backup file tree and initiate restores right from your desktop. There are also no limits on restore sizes – you can restore as much data as you need. For photographers who may need to retrieve a large number of raw image files or videos after a hard drive failure, this is a huge benefit.

Enhanced Restore Options

In addition to the new desktop app, Backblaze offers multiple ways to restore your data. You can log into your account on the Backblaze website to start restores and even access your files on iOS and Android devices. So if you’re on location for a shoot and need an important image, you can easily get it through the mobile app. Backblaze gives photographers a lot of flexibility in accessing backed up data.

Reliable Backup for Large Media Libraries

As a photographer’s image and video library grows, so does the need for plenty of backup space. Backblaze offers an unlimited backup plan, which means you don’t have to worry about maxing out your storage. You can back up as many RAW files, JPEGs, and videos as you need. For photographers generating tens or hundreds of gigabytes of data every shoot, this unlimited plan is invaluable.

Getting started with Backblaze is easy. Simply visit their website and create an account.  Then download the installer for Mac or Windows. The installation process only takes a couple minutes. Once installed, Backblaze will walk you through a brief wizard so you can create an authentication key, and then will automatically start backing up your files. You can choose which folders or drives you want to backup. Backblaze runs continuously in the background so you don’t have to think about it. You can check the Backblaze interface at any time to view backup stats and restore files if needed.

With an unlimited plan, you don’t have to selectively choose which files to backup. Backblaze will automatically backup everything on your computer continuously, giving photographers peace of mind that their entire library is protected. The set-it-and-forget-it approach lets photographers focus on being creative.

Time to Backup Your Photos and Videos

Having a rock-solid backup solution is crucial for photographers to protect their life’s work. Backblaze Computer Backup v9.0 offers faster restores through the new application, flexible access options, and unlimited backup capacity. For photographers looking to backup their expanding media libraries, it’s an excellent choice. The unlimited plan and set-it-and-forget-it approach lets photographers focus on their creative work rather than backup management.

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