Back in June 2023 at Apple’s WWDC, Apple announced the 15″ MacBook Air. Essentially the same guts as the 13″ M2 MacBook Air, but with a 15″ screen….plus a better six speaker system.

So why consider the 15″ MacBook Air?
Here are some of my reasons:

  • It weighs less than a 14″ MacBook Pro, and has bigger screen
  • It’s only .01 inches thicker than a 13″ MacBook Air and .16 inches thinner than a 14″ MacBook Pro
  • The 15.3 inch display gives you more screen real estate to work

I mentioned the weight compared to a 14″ MacBook Pro. OK – it’s only 1/10th of a pound difference (3.3 lbs vs. 3.4 lbs). But the thinner desibgn of the 15″ MacBook Air deceptively makes it feel lighter than is really is. Don’t get me wrong – the 14″ MacBook Pro is an awesome laptop. But sometimes the more bulky design of the 14″ MacBook Air can be a bit much when you’re traveling, working remotely, etc.

What about the display difference?
The 15″ MacBook Air comes with a Liquid Retina display capable of 500 nits of brightness and refresh rate of 60 Hz – compared to the up to 1000 nits and up to 120 Hz refresh rate of the 14″ MacBook Pro. Definitely noticeable Scoop , MacBook displays are color accurate out of the box.

But…..can a MacBook Air handle Lightroom Classic, Photoshop and a number of plug-ins?
In a word – yep. Outside of any of the AI features that require an internet connection, no hiccups, stutters or delays. Add in plug-ins like ON1 Photo RAW 2024, Luminar Neo and others – no problemo.

Who’s the MacBook Air for?
Most of the Mac/Apple rumor/review sites will tell you the MacBook Air is the most popular and best selling MacBook. True. Unless you’re doing regular content creation full time, for work. A MacBook Air will easily meet your needs. If you’re doing heavy coding, multi-cam video editing, creating Photoshop or Illustrator images with 100+ layers on a daily basis, stick with a MacBook Pro with a M3 Pro or Max SOAC (system on s chip) with plenty of RAM to do heavy disc swapping.

If you haven’t guessed by now, I traded in a 14″ M1 MacBook Pro for a 15″ MacBook Air (1TB SSD and 16GB of RAM).

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