Prime Day is June 21 & 22, 2021

Each year, HoustonPhotowalks digs through the Amazon Prime Day Deals and finds photography-related gems. I will be looking for things of interest that fall in these categories: computers, electronics, travel, and camera and posting them below.

Newly found items will be added to the BOTTOM of the list, so “Refresh” and scroll to the bottom.

I will update this page throughout the Prime Day event. Did you find something I missed? Feel free to post it in the comments!

Some hints/tips:

  • Some deals have not started yet, some have expired Check the price to make sure. If you put it in your cart too soon, you may miss the savings!
  • Prices displayed here may not be the “Deal” price. (The deal price is not always available prior to when the item goes on sale.)
  • Lightning deals expire quick (or run out of stock).
  • Deals that have expired or ran out of stock won’t be automatically removed from this list due to how long it would take to go back and verify all of them each hour.


HoustonPhotowalks provides 3-4 unique photography events per month for our members. We don’t charge yearly or monthly dues, event organizers are paid barely enough to cover their gas money, and we pay for our various other expenses using advertising revenue. When you click on a link on this website (especially from Amazon), a portion of your shopping cart is donated back to the HoustonPhotowalks budget. It’s a free and easy way for members to help us Fund the Fun.

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UPDATE Jun 21, 8:50am

There are some good deals here, but there’s some garbage too, for example, there’s some flimsy tripods for $12 bucks. I’m gonna try to weed out the stuff that isn’t worth clicking on.

UPDATE Jun 21, 9:48am

I’m not posting as much travel gear deals this year, focusing mostly on photography deals. But it’s worth noting that a large number of Travelpro gear is on sale for up to 50% off.

UPDATE Jun 21, 9:55am

Up to 20% off Sandisk, PNY and Lexar Memory Products! Click here to see all Sandisk, PNY, and Lexar deals

UPDATE: Jun 21, 9:59am

Up to 35% off on Data Storage from Seagate, Synology, Sandisk, etc. CLICK HERE TO SEE FULL LIST

UPDATE Jun 21 10:09am

So far, not seeing much in software deals. There were several good deals last year for software downloads. But I’ll keep looking.

UPDATE Jun 21 7:15pm

I’ve added all of the pending Flash sales that are scheduled for tomorrow, see the “Start” time for each item. Also, a lot of deals have expired, I will remove the ones I find.

Current Prime and Lighting Deals:

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