Special Invitation!

Join us for a Ghost Town Dinner and SteamPunk Cosplay Model PhotoShoot!

Let’s celebrate 10 years of Photowalking!  We have rented The Saloon at Clay’s Restaurant on May 18th, 2019!

Dinner is $18.36 per person and includes:

  • Burger, Fries and choice of Tea or Soda
  • Cosplay Photoshoot with several SteamPunk models
  • “Ghost Town” backdrop for photography backdrops!
  • Chance to win Door Prizes from our favorite sponsors!
  • Taxes and Gratuity

Bring your family and your camera gear to take some really cool pictures inside the Clay’s Restaurant Ghost Town Backdrop.


Days left until HPW10!

Special Guest Models!

We will have special guest models dressed in SteamPunk outfits, posing along the Ghost Town walls for you to photograph!

Poison Ivy!

(Photo credit: 8th Man Photography)

Takane Ana Mae!

Deb Kirk!

Sara Green!

Danny Green!

Speical Guest Speaker: Karen Butts!

Karen Butts
Master of Photography
Certified Professional Photographer


We are very honored to have Karen Butts of Natural Images By Karen Photography as our speaker.

She will be doing a presentation based on her Professional Photographer’s Association class “The Marriage of Color and Composition“.

In this discussion, Karen will tell us about how color and composition go hand in hand in creating a stronger image.  Composition is greatly impacted by colors and how they relate to one another.

You will learn about the different types of color schemes, as well as unity, balance, movement, rhythm, focus, proportion and dynamic lines.

Thank you Karen for bringing your wealth of knowledge and training to our event!


Sweet Sweet Door Prizes!

Droo Prize 1:

Bonus Door Prize!

Five Pee Wee Memory Card Holders!

Donated by Think Tank Photo!

Bonus Door Prize!

The Book “Inspiring Professionals”

Donated by Lee Filters!

Bonus Door Prize!

6 Keyboard Covers

Donated by KBCovers.com!

Door Prize 2:

Spiffy Gear’s Light Blaster for Canon Lenses!

Donated by Spiffy Gear!

Bonus Door Prize!

Four Passes to Bishops Palace in Galvaston

The Galveston Historic Foundation

Bonus Door Prize!

The Book “Inspiring Professionals 2”

Donated by Lee Filters!

Door Prize 3, 4 & 5:

THREE 30 Inch by 20 Inch Canvas Prints!

Donated by CanvasHQ

Bonus Door Prize!

Lens Rental Gift Certificates

Donated by Photo Rental Source

Bonus Door Prize!

Protective Filter Field Pouch

Donated by Lee Filters!

Door Prizes Provided by the Following Companies:

We’ve come a long way since 2009

In June of 2009, 30 people got together and had a photowalk.  10 years later, after over 500 photowalks, classes and events, and growing to over 3,700 members, the HoustonPhotowalks family is still going strong!

On May 18th, 2019, we will celebrate 10 years of photography, friendship, and fun.  We will have door prizes, dinner, and a SteamPunk cosplay model shoot at Clay’s Restaurant.  We rented The Saloon meeting room and the attached outdoor dining area.

Clay’s Restaurant is a unique “Ghost Town” dining experience near Katy, Texas.

10th Anniversary Discounts, Special May-only Discounts, and Congratulation Messages

Some of our favorite partners would like to wish you a Happy 10th Anniversary. Several companies have provided us special discounts, good for the entire month of may with discount code HPW10.

Join us for Dinner at Clay’s Restaurant and Ghost Town

Check out their dining experience, photos and menu on their website: claysrestaurant.com.

Your Dinner Invitation!

Date:May 18th, 2019
Time:5:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Location:Clay’s Restaurant
Address:17717 CLAY ROAD, HOUSTON, TX, 77084

Clay's Restaurant

Clay’s Restaurant
17717 CLAY ROAD, HOUSTON, TX, 77084

Special Thanks to our Vendors and Affiliates!

It takes Funds to Fund the Fun -- and these folks have helped us keep the lights on over the years.  Each one has sent special messages, discounts, and giveaways to help us celebrate our 10th Anniversary at HoustonPhotowalks!

Vendors providing door prizes for our Anniversary Dinner!

Special thanks to:

CanvasHQ is the official Canvas Printing agency for HoustonPhtowalks.com members. Their prints are beautiful, the canvas frames are sturdy and well built. CanvasHQ is in Fort Smith, AR, and everything is MADE IN THE USA.

CanvasHQ provided us with 3 vouchers for 30x20" Canvas prints to give away at our 10th Anniversary Dinner! THANK YOU CanvasHQ!!

"CanvasHQ wants to wish you a Happy TEN year anniversary! In these times that we live in where so much of our lives operate around the “online” connection it truly is remarkable to have a group of likeminded photogs meet up in person to connect, teach and learn. Heres to the next ten years!"

Special thanks to:

Thank you to Galveston Historical Foundation!  They provided HoustonPhotowalks with several entry tickets to local attractions for us to give away at our 10th Anniversary Dinner!

"Happy 10th Anniversary, Houston Photowalks! Thank you for your dedicated focus on appreciating history. You are welcome at the 1892 Bishop’s Palace anytime!"

Special thanks to:

Thinktank Photo is providing a free photography backpack as a door prize for the HPW10 Dinner! 

Special thanks to:

LEE Filters, the Masters of Light, with precision products for photographers, cinematographers, lighting designers and architects.  LEE Filters is providing several door prizes for us to give away!

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PhotoRentalSource.com has been a long time Member Perk sponsor, offering special discounts for HPW members.  They are providing several gift certificates to give away at our 10th Anniversary dinner!

"Congratulations on Houston Photowalks' 10 year anniversary!  As Photo Rental Source also turns 10 years old this year we are happy to have such a long term partnership with a great Houston club.  We look forward to working together for many more years to come!" - Brad, owner of Photo Rental Source

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Gigapan is providing door prizes for the HPW10 Dinner!

Happy 10th Anniversary to our Friends at HoustonPhotoWalks

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Thank you to Spiffy Gear! 
They provided a Spiffy Gear Light Blaster for us to give away at our 10th Anniversary Dinner!

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Vendors with a special message for HoustonPhotowalks Members!

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"Congratulations & thanks for keeping film alive!" - lomography.com

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"10 Years! Congrats to all the amazing photographers of Houston Photowalks! Keep shooting, keep creating. And embrace the adventure!"

- Sebastian Michaels, MyPhotoArtisticLife.com

And as you re-embark on that adventure, here's a free course I'd like to give you. Carry your photography into the realm of creative artistry:

Special thanks to:

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“Happy Anniversary to all the photographers at HoustonPhotowalks.com! Your dedication to growing in your skills and having fun is very much what a GoPro Hero is supposed to be.” - Liping Huang Zheng, GoPro

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